My Goals for HNG 8.0

Precious Adedibu
2 min readAug 15, 2021

So the highly prestigious HNG internship is here again and for the first time I will be participating. I am very excited to begin the internship as I have known about for years but never been able to participate in it for different reasons.

I plan to achieve a lot by the end of the internship but firstly I aim to stay till the end of the internship and become a HNG internship finalist. I know this is challenging as there are thousands of participants and many skilled developers but I’m confident and hopeful to make it till the end.

Secondly, I plan to establish a wide network with other developers. A major problem for me as a developer has been networking. I have realized that in this career you can’t do everything alone. The HNG workspace is a great environment to develop great partnerships as there are thousands of developers enrolled.

Thirdly, I aim to step up my skills as a developer. I have put in a lot of effort to improve myself as a full stack developer, learning backend technologies such as Nodejs, Laravel and a bit of Django. Front end technologies such as Reactjs, Jquery and Vanilla Javascript. Databases such as Mongodb and Mysql. I have worked with both the M.E.R.N and L.A.M.P stack. I hope to take this to the next level at the HNG internship.

Lastly, I want to gain the experience of working as a developer in a company. The HNG internship is great at simulating the developer work environment. Its very challenging and aims to to get developers to work and learn faster. By the end of the internship I hope to have gotten better at multi tasking and learned to work faster and smarter.

These are some of the best programming tutorials I have used just incase you’re interested.

Tutorial Links

  1. Figma Tutorial — %[]
  2. Git Tutorial — %[]
  3. Javascript Tutorial — %[]
  4. PHP Tutorial — %[]
  5. Python Tutorial — %[]
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