The Major Difference between Web2 and Web3

Precious Adedibu
2 min readMar 8, 2022

There’s a high chance you might have heard of web3 by now, it’s been quite difficult to scroll past facebook, twitter or even instagram within the past few months without coming across some web3 related content. So you may ask, why all fuss about web3? Isn’t web2 working out fine? what exactly is the major difference between web2 and web3?

Well today we are going to be answering the third question, what are exactly separates web3 from web2. Answering this question is key to understanding why Web3 is gaining a lot of fans. The major difference between Web2 and Web3 is the way the applications are made. In Web2 the Internet is controlled by Big tech Companies such as Facebook, Google Amazon who hold all your data and for the purpose to improve their marketing and their own profits but in Web3 the internet is controlled by the blockchain your data isn’t owned by anyone , rather it is stored on the blockchain and can be accessed by only you.

Another benefit of the internet being controlled by the blockchain is that the Web3 servers never go down, this is because they use the Ethereum network which is supported by thousands of computers in the backend. This means that one node in the network crashing won’t result to the entire system crashing, but in Web2 servers of companies like facebook, amazon could go down and their services will be inaccessible.

This concept of removing control of applications from one single source and letting the blockchain’s vast, wide range of computing power to handle everything on the internet is what is called Decentralization, as the name may imply it, in decentralized apps control is not centralized, it is not controlled or focused in a central source rather a wide range of nodes in the Ethereum network. The centralization of apps in Web2 and the Decentralization of apps in Web3 is the major difference between Web2 and Web3.